Browser support for LEAP 2.x

Dear LEAP agencies and users,

The release of LEAP 2.0 is coming soon and is a major rewrite that will provide a much more robust platform.  Because we are handling very sensitive criminal case data LEAP is developed using FBI CJIS security requirements.  Web browser technology continues to evolve, particularly with regard to security, so it is necessary to establish minimum Web browser versions that will be supported by LEAP 2.0. 

The initial release of LEAP 2.0 will support the following Web browsers:
Internet Explorer 11.x and above
Edge – current version
Firefox – current version
Chrome – current version
Safari – current version

What do you need to do: You should ensure that all users of LEAP have a supported browser on their computers prior to the switchover to LEAP 2.x, which is currently scheduled to begin in April 2020. 

This message will be posted to the LEAP information page at

If you have questions, you may contact your ImageSoft account manager, or reply to this message.

Thank you,

ImageSoft LEAP Team