LEAP 2.0 Update – March 2020

Here is a quick recap of some of the recent activities that have occurred related to the upcoming release of LEAP 2.0.

The LEAP team recently completed their first LEAP 2.0 review with our beta customer, Lenawee County.  The team received positive feedback from Lenawee about the enhancements the team is bringing to the new product.   Based on the feedback, the team was able to identify some areas of improvement to enhance a user’s experience in LEAP 2.0.

Based on feedback, the team has been able to implement the following enhancements:

  • Allow a user to expand/collapse all incidents at once.
  • Added a setting to allow all incidents to be expanded or collapsed by default.
  • Added a setting for the Incident Search page to show only the incidents a user created or all incidents by default.
  • Visual changes to enhance a user’s experience with the site.

Currently, Lenawee County has access to LEAP 2.0 in a testing environment and continues to review the new system.  The LEAP 2.0 team will continue to get feedback on the new site and continue to make improvements.

The production release is being impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, so the schedule will be updated shortly.

Browser support for LEAP 2.x

Dear LEAP agencies and users,

The release of LEAP 2.0 is coming soon and is a major rewrite that will provide a much more robust platform.  Because we are handling very sensitive criminal case data LEAP is developed using FBI CJIS security requirements.  Web browser technology continues to evolve, particularly with regard to security, so it is necessary to establish minimum Web browser versions that will be supported by LEAP 2.0. 

The initial release of LEAP 2.0 will support the following Web browsers:
Internet Explorer 11.x and above
Edge – current version
Firefox – current version
Chrome – current version
Safari – current version

What do you need to do: You should ensure that all users of LEAP have a supported browser on their computers prior to the switchover to LEAP 2.x, which is currently scheduled to begin in April 2020. 

This message will be posted to the LEAP information page at truefiling.info.

If you have questions, you may contact your ImageSoft account manager, or reply to this message.

Thank you,

ImageSoft LEAP Team

LEAP 2.0 – Test PA Selected

The Lenawee County Prosecuting Attorney (PA) office, along with their related Law Enforcement agencies, have been selected as a test site for the new LEAP 2.0 product. Thank you Lenawee. We look forward to getting your input on the new solution in the coming weeks.

ImageSoft is still looking for another agency, willing to help us test the new LEAP 2.0 product. If you are interested, please reach out to your ImageSoft account manager, or contact our support team.

LEAP Update – December 2019

LEAP 2.0 Announcement – TrueFiling Information

The following message was delivered to all current LEAP customers as of August 2019.

December 2, 2019

Dear Valued LEAP Customer,

The purpose of this message it to keep you apprised of the progress on development of the new release of LEAP (Law Enforcement Agency Portal – see previous announcement).

November LEAP 1.0 Issue:

We’re sorry that some users experienced system instability with LEAP 1.0 in November.  The issue that was causing the instability has been found and corrected, so LEAP 1.0 should be working as it did prior to the issue.

LEAP 2.0 Progress:

We are making good progress on LEAP 2.0 development.  A team of developers is dedicated to coding and testing of this release.  This new release is a major overhaul designed to establish a scalable platform that can be improved upon for years into the future.  Earlier this year we indicated an expected release date of Q4 2019.  As of now, the release date has been moved to Q1 of 2020.  This additional time will allow us to ensure that the system is fully tested and secure.

We are beginning to engage with the early adopter users now, so that we can get input from agencies. 

More Information:

As we mentioned previously, we’ve created a web page where LEAP users can visit and register to see the latest information about LEAP.  Visit the site at: http://www.truefiling.info/leap/

Thank you for being an ImageSoft customer.

The ImageSoft LEAP team

LEAP 2.0 Announcement

The following message was delivered to all current LEAP customers as of August 2019.

August 15, 2019

Dear Valued LEAP Customer,

As a user of LEAP (Law Enforcement Agency Portal) you’re probably aware that the LEAP 1.0 software has not been upgraded for some time.  LEAP 1.0 was built on a platform that made it difficult to enhance. 

The purpose of this message is to inform you that ImageSoft is nearing completion of major changes to LEAP which will become version 2.0.  The changes will include some of the enhancement that have been asked for by users.  These changes to software and documentation were necessary and will improve usability, performance and our ability to make future enhancements. 

LEAP 2.0 is expected to be available for police agency testing in the 4th quarter of 2019.  All customers under a current maintenance contract will be upgraded to LEAP 2.0 in 2020. 

Please contact your ImageSoft Account Executive with questions or interest in early adopter testing, or reply to this e-mail and we’ll make sure someone gets back to you.

We’ve also created a web page where LEAP users can visit to see the latest information about LEAP.  Visit the site at: http://www.truefiling.info/leap/